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Since 1982, KES has operated a full-service environmental and occupational health and safety consulting and contracting services office located in Mesa, Arizona. The KES Team consists of an expanding core of professional staff that is led by seasoned veterans who have decades of in-the-field experience working for a wide array of public and private sector clients, including Fortune 500 companies, small and medium businesses, tribal, federal, state, and local governmental agencies. Some examples of the clientele and industries we services are:


  • Semiconductor Facilities

  • Aerospace Facilities

  • Nuclear Plants and Facilities

  • Chemical Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities

  • Healthcare Facilities

  • Medical Device Manufacturing 

  • FAA Airports and Facilities

  • Municipal, State and Law Governments Tribal Nations

  • United States Department of Energy

  • Military Bases

KES is a locally owned small business that employs a highly skilled team that consists of 200 working professionals. Here at KES, we pride ourselves as an Equal Opportunity Employer that employs a diverse staff for many different roles throughout our company.  All KES employees reside within the State of Arizona.


As a locally owned and operated business, KES understands its duty to source and procure local resources. It is through these local business dealings that we support our neighbors and help retain strong communities. In sourcing locally, KES believes this allows for the money to remain in the local economies allowing for the creation of jobs, as well as funding for schools, police departments, and fire departments. When contracts create the need for additional personnel, KES prides themselves on sourcing local pool of talent and hiring to support a contract town’s people.


KES is very proud of the small, yet powerful, business that has been built over the last 42 years. We pride ourselves in maintaining the small business mindset and realize not all receive the same opportunities. When we are able, it’s our duty to be good stewards in the community and give back by taking care of those less fortunate and ensuring our neighbors in our communities do not go without.




KES has a team mission to protect life, health, property, and the environment by isolating, containing, and mitigating toxins; performing remedial activities and minimizing the dangers associated with them. Utilizing our over 42 years of experience, KES provides a core team for our clients that implements policies and procedures proven to protect not only the environment but our client’s liabilities.


KES is one of the oldest and most experienced Training, Emergency Response, Abatement, and Hazmat firms in the State of Arizona. The locally owned and operated office, which has been providing environmental services for over forty-one years, is dedicated to the consistent achievement of industry-leading standards of excellence in environment services and technology, occupational health and safety, and construction. KES has an established track record of completing client projects within budget and on schedule.  This is accomplished through extensive experience, innovative problem-solving, cutting-edge technology, and a project management structure

that ensures accountability.


KES believes that its greatest asset is its staff and the technical team that responds to each project. The KES Corporate Health & Safety Program is comprehensive and includes all required and prudent training, appropriate certifications, exposure and annual health monitoring, and consistent use of site-specific Health and Safety Plans (HASP). A HASP is prepared for every KES project to maintain safe work conditions, prevent anticipated hazards and exposure risks, and monitor the health and safety of workers during the performance of field activities. Each HASP conforms to OSHA 29 CFR 1910, CERCLA, and RCRA standards as well as KES’s Corporate Safety Plan. KES also employs Job Hazard Analysis where applicable. KES conforms to all customers’ site-specific health and safety documentation as well as site-specific training as needed. Special permits, such as ladder, confined space, hot work, etc., also fall into this category.

Kary Environmental Services Story

Jeff Kary


Austen Kary


George Schweidereick

Vice President

Jennifer Henry


Brad Griego

Field Service Manager

Lindsey McCrite

Project Manager/Aerospace

Nick Hill

Project Manager/Chemist & Waste Dept.

David Wendling

Project Manager/Mining & MSHA

Mark Dillier

Project Manager/HHW

Corey Rowley

Project Manager/Mold, Lead, & Asbestos

Sherry Rowley

Project Manager/Mold, Lead, & Asbestos

Vernon Dowse

Project Manager/Industrial Services

Chadd Hendon

Project Manager/Emergency Response

Kyle Rogers

Construction Manager

Jamie Pierce


Peggy Coy

Office Manager

Desire Deresa

Accounts Receivable

Abdul El Turk



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