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KES Cutting-Edge Contracting Services Through the Years

Over 40 Years of Excellence

We take pride in working with diverse residential and commercial clients on a broad variety of environmental projects. At all times, we aim to achieve maximum efficiency in performing our services. Feel free to view our completed projects, and connect with our team for any questions.

Our Completed Projects Through the Years


Forest Lakes Remodel


Tank Demo


Emergency Response


Confined Space Rescue


Asbestos Abatement

Fentanyl Decontamination

Fuel Tank Cleaning

AZ Rubber


Soil Remediation

Hospital Abatement and Demolition

HVAC Cleaning Unit


Vacuum Tankers


Methamphetamine Remediation


Hydraulic Spill Response


Transportation Services


Demolition - Construction


Hydro Excavation

Licenses and Permits

KES maintains the following licenses and permits, which have always been sustained by operations in good standing with the licensing and permitting entities. Copies of all current firm licenses and permits are available upon request. In addition, certain individuals on the KES Team are licensed by the agency to conduct certain tasks in an established professional and high-integrity manner.

  • EPA Hazardous Waste Transporter Permit: AZR000509141

  • USDOT Hazmat Reg. No.: 070109 551 093RS

  • Maricopa County Medical Waste Hauler No. 9005

  • ADEQ Approved Bio-hazardous Waste Transporter

  • ADEQ Approved Solid Waste Transfer Facility

  • Maricopa County Non-Hazardous Liquid Waste Hauler No. 9345 and 8520

  • Department of Transportation Number: USDOT 861421

Arizona Registrar of Contractors Licenses

  • (A - General Engineering) ROC301238 A

  • (Hazardous Materials and Asbestos) Commercial: ROC151767 L-05

  • (Hazardous Materials and Asbestos) Residential: ROC218820 C-05

  • (Wrecking / Demolition) ROC263766 K-57

Individual Licensing

  • Brad Griego – Registered UST Provider (ADEQ): D00363

  • Dan Smith – Registered UST Provider (ADEQ) D00434

  • Chadd Hendon – Registered UST Provider (ADEQ) D00350

  • Don Hendon– Registered UST Provider (ADEQ) D00385


  • Tennessee

  • Nevada

  • Utah

  • Texas

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